Afghan Politics

The “Afghan politics” section is devoted to current events in Afghanistan, with a focus on the interactions between national political actors and international ones: from counterinsurgency doctrines (COIN) to the strategies of local strongmen and commanders who manage outside pressure to conform to state-building ideals.

2 Responses to Afghan Politics

  1. Gunhild says:

    Hi Romain! It looks like you are doing very well. I was in Afghanistan for the first time last fall (oct/nov). I hope to go back soonish . . . .
    I wondered about your views on the use of the term Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which represented the Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001. I have seen the term used by some organizations in their representation of the Taliban today. How do you read the use of this title? Is it a “neutral” term (maybe not as loaded as the word “taliban”), or is it a form of recognition of a potential viable government? If it is the latter, is that not a political move made on behalf of the organization that might employ this term?
    Just wondering about your thoughts on this issue!

    and I hope you are well. stay safe!
    best, gunhild

  2. Rena says:

    So, I guess stating the obvious is not allowed? Afghan politics at their worst!

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