Darulaman Palace

About Afghanopoly

I am an Assistant Professor of peace and conflict studies at Radboud University's Centre for International Conflict Analysis and Management (CICAM). I completed my PhD in Political Science at Northwestern University and Sciences Po under the supervision of Will Reno and Bertrand Badie. Among other things, I teach students about the politics of international intervention in Afghanistan and elsewhere. My research focuses on the political strategies that Afghan strongmen use to consolidate and legitimize their authority. I am particularly interested in how these actors manage to conduct their own forms of international relations. My field research brings me in contact with Afghan community leaders, politicians, diplomats and foreign military officers.
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2 Responses to Darulaman Palace

  1. patriotpaul says:

    Romain, looks like you’re on a fine adventure! How’s the action out there?

    • Afghanopoly says:

      I wish I could tell you, but these pictures were long overdue. I took them back in 2008, while hanging out with a bunch of ANA soldiers. I asked them if I could take pictures of them, and they offered to give me a tour of the palace when I came back with the prints.

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